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Miriam Hellman's Prophecy for 2012

The Eagle shall go to war, for the balance of the country shall be overruled by extremes as Iran becomes explosive. Join the battle where it really lies. Know the battle before you engage. Above all, make sure you are sealed in God for all the battles that lie ahead, for the shaking of the hand of the Lord of hosts is upon all nations.

The lofty looks of man shall be humbled, and the haughtiness of men shall be brought down, and the Lord alone shall be exalted. For the day of the Lord of hosts shall be upon every one that is proud and lofty, and upon every one that is lifted up, and he shall be brought low ((Is. 2:11-12).

As the Lord begins to shake His hand, pray He not shake it over you, your house, or your land. He will shake it over the nation. For America will shake and break, quake and break, a continual storm watch. Weather will be relentless and destructive. The nation will experience the aftermaths of quakes and breaks, quakes and breaks so great that connecting parts shall be severed, severely affecting our exceptional lifestyle and causing it to teeter, increasing tent cities.

My people do not see the day as it really is and what it is. Leaders in all spheres so blind, seeing so much but blind to truly observing anything necessary for preserving the soul of the nation. Be careful to what and to whom you listen, for it is a determining factor of whether a man can hear the Lord speak to him this day.

Be aware and pray, for a shadow shall fall over the White House. There will be uncertainty as the office looks behind itself. America has lost its way. The election will be a boxing match and not a horse race. Watch for the knock out blow. The future will be what it must be, for the heavens rule in the affairs of men, and God decides all the issues of war and peace.

America will become an angry nation as many things fall from the sky. War lies ahead. The enemy is ready, but America is not ready. There are enemy eyes watching to see if God will stand with America or if He will withhold His protective shield. The Lord says, ďMy shield is always over the righteous, so I call My people to call all believers to true repentance and fully observable righteousness that My Spirit be with the nation and I hold back My hand of judgment.Ē

The Arab Spring commencing the last generation before the return of Jesus shall bring about world anarchy - that is, political disorder and violence. As nature resists our control, so, too, the spiritual movement of the Middle East cannot be controlled. Its escalation shall be astounding, and it will cover the globe. Archangels are called to battle.

Judgments begin, says the Lord, so refrain from making self-perceived judgments. Be careful not to do or interfere with Godís work. If you interfere with His plans, you will find your plans thwarted. Vengeance is mine, says the Lord. Vengeance is Godís work alone. Be aware, all ye self-appointed judges. Instead, reach for the cup of His mercy and forgiveness.

Satan himself shall challenge Israelís existence. He shall seek to extinguish her light and life in the world. Michael shall take his position arrayed against the prince of Persia. He shall empower Israel at this hour. And many of the Jews shall ask the way to Zion. They that are true Jews, the remnant of Israel, shall seek a perpetual covenant that shall not be forgotten. The lost sheep shall seek to find their way home. When they find it, they will know Israel is Godís eternal work, and Jerusalem the resting place of His Name.

There are many decisions and choices for all to make in 2012, which only the wise will understand. Global chaos will mark the day and will add to altering the world order and help to initiate a new world order. Challenge is a weak word today. Distress and perplexity, the seas and waves roaring, causing immense uncertainty, instability, and the unforeseen in the face of chilling realities concerning debt.

Many things that pertain to the future are not meant to be known, says the Lord, for knowing them would be more destructive than not. The weather and natural disasters will be too much for many to bear. It will be unpredictable, relentless, and destructive. Quake and break. Quake and break. Great earthquakes will break the earth.

For many years, the Lord says, I have been preparing My people for this time. Those who can walk through uncertainty with full certainty in Me, those who can recover quickly from a sudden tremendous shaking, for they have solidly positioned themselves in my Kingdom which is immoveable, can never be shaken out of their secure position in Me. Their faith is in Me. Their hope is in Me. Their walk is in the love of Jesus. They are My sheep. They hear My voice, and another they will not follow.

I have prepared for them this year all they need for today. They shall rejoice in Me. It is truly their day of salvation. They are My harvest reapers. They will continue to go with My angels into the fields for My harvest. As the enemy continues to harvest the lost, so My precious people shall continue to harvest for salvation in Me. You who are My sowers and My reapers, fear not. You will be fully provided for in every area of life, says the Lord.
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The War Cry of the Heavens -
Miriam Hellman’s New Year’s Prophecy 2011

Come. Come, My people. Gather in, come close, that I may speak to you and alert you to things that are about to come to pass. Remember what I have told you in the past, for many of those things will come to much fuller expression this year, with many more intrepidations. Secrets. Secrets. Secrets. Secret things, secret ways, secret plans are underway.

This will be the year of the War Cry of the Heavens. The heavens are being arrayed in battle formation. It is but a short time till the eternal battle reaches the earth. This is a day of last things, last chances, last opportunities; the last time for many kinds of enjoyments and times of relief, though all of life as you know it is not over. I say to you, determine to see the good everywhere. So shall you be sheltered and protected in Me from the escalation of all that is bad.

Although many of My people perceive that I have allowed them to be slain, I say to you, continue to praise Me, and I will draw you out of the snare and the circumstance, and I will reinstate you as Joseph was pulled out of prison. Joseph’s prison perfected him - it did not infect him with unbelief. So too in this hour, many shall be thrown into prison to perfect them in Me.

2011: this year is filled with the spirit of confusion, misunderstandings, false perceptions, chaos, high level assassinations, and confrontations. But you can avoid such things through My Holy Spirit, the only One who can put you above the world spirits of today. The downward spiral has begun, as the righteous ascent has nearly come. Beware. So many false prophecies will abound. Great confusion shall arise. Never mind. Let them alone. The wise will hear directly from Me, says the Lord, and all the wise shall hear the truth. For the midnight wrestling has begun, bringing an end to many pleasures taken for granted.

For this reason, many have already begun to seek worldly pleasures above everything else. Dark hearts rise up out of their apparent benign coverings. Wolves are tossing their sheep’s clothing off, revealing their true natures. The wheat is beginning to bow its head; the tares begin to declare themselves. 2011 will be a year of great accomplishments for those most faithful to the Lord, natural accomplishments and supernatural accomplishments for Me. I will be continually at their side and for them, I shall turn the tide. For I will allow My compassion to fill their hearts for the lost, and they shall openly share the Lord Jesus in all His ways to all those who know not God’s way.

The Word begins this year to make war, executing a heavenly plan. He will overturn the enemy. Watch Russia, the king of the North, for we are even now in the throes of war. Unbelievers are unaware of the nearness of final events, and even most believers must be warned and prepare themselves for Jesus and His appearing.

Rulers of nations are at this very hour being seduced by the authority of the Beast. They will wage war against the prophets of the Most High, against the true believers, and the Lamb of God. The second horseman – beware of him. He personifies the conflict. He will not let up till there is no more peace on the earth. The heavens declare it. The stars show the signs of it. Only the fearful will not believe it. Only those who trust in the righteousness of Jesus can prevail. They bear His signs and have His peace abiding in their hearts.

The winds. The winds. The winds, they shall blow. They shall destroy, and their contrary nature shall try to stop My people from going and fulfilling their ordained assignments, appointments, and exploits in Me. The contrary winds must never be seen as a sign from Me, says the Lord. They are not My signs. They are the enemy’s weapons to try to stop you. Use your authority I have given you when you encounter the enemy’s signs. Remember how much greater I am. I give you the supernatural winds of My Spirit to succeed, and My voice speaks to you on the inside.

My people, the knowledge of God has faded out of the mind of this age. The age, like thoughtless children, believed that the toyland of material wealth was a sufficient world. Then their belief in Me and My Son faded out, smothered by personal preoccupations.

I speak to you concerning events peculiar to today. What will it mean when you face the aftermath of “freak leaks” (not the kind I spoke of before)? You see, men everywhere are asleep. The enemy’s major weapon of disguise is to infect the world with a form of sleeping sickness not easily recognized.

My people, while you are sleeping, rules, regulations, and laws influenced by the Beast will become actively enforced. Wake up! Wake up before it’s too late to enforce a delay. Do not sleep during this hour of prayer. This hour of prayer holds the key to My power. My people of power will take hold and seize this hour from enemy hands, designs, and plans. My people, while you were sleeping, you lost your armor, you lost your weapons, you lost your fire, your fervor, and your great commission.

You said you were awake. You said you were watchmen. You said you were praying. Your prayers may have sounded good to you, filled with Scripture, but most of you were not tuned to My Spirit, mainly because My people hate too much. They hate so many things, situations, and individuals that they have forgotten to love. Only love is failure proof. Only My love.

Now repent. Change your ways and your priorities, and I will give you the greatest days of your life, the greatest moments possible in Me. You are at the threshold of a divinely appointed time. You can be a time changer through Me!

I call the true watchmen to their appointed place. Their prophetic eyes will function as My spies, and their strong and courageous hearts will never step aside, but will battle at My side. Their reward will be a share in My victory. In the end, it will be a landslide. Courage, commitment, and constant communion with Me, says the Lord, will keep your focus pure from distractions, which shall be many. Watch. Watch Russia. Watch Russia, the king of the North.

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Come Out of Your Shells - Jan. 8, 2011 Prophecy

For the Lord says, Praise Me!
And I say, Come out of your shells. Come out of your hiding places.
Come out of your comforting covering, and rise, and see what I have prepared.
Come out. Come out! Come out, all ye who have held back from My dreams, saith the Lord.
Come out. Come out. Donít shrink back from My dreams.
And Iíll give My dreams to you if you will throw off your coverings that have secluded you from My work and My plans.
Arise. Arise.
Come into My high tower, and see the strength of My vision imparted to thee.

Get out of these shells. Crack them open, or let the world crack you.
Itís one or the other. Itís simple, donít you see?
Iíve been waiting. Iíve been waiting.
Iíve been waiting so long for you to enter My dreams, My visions, My plans.
Oh, come out. Come out. Donít be afraid.
Donít snuggle down and say, Iíll wait and see. Thereís no time to wait.
No time to wait.
Thereís only the time to come and fly with Me.

Soar. Soar. Soar!
Out of the nest of your comfort zone, I throw thee this hour.
I am your Father; I say, Out with you!
No longer can you stay in the place you adore, for Iím calling you to the threshold of My throne and My hall. Walk down the halls of glory with others who have gone before thee.

No time to waste. No time for you to continue to be late, for your hour awaits you.
I summon you this last time. My last summons.
Come out. Come out. Come out, and see all you shall find out in Me, for the Lord will bring thee to divine and glorious places. Heíll bring you to where eternity ordains you to be.
So arise. Arise. Oh, dive!
Dive out, says the Lord. Oh no, the air canít hold you, but My spirit will uphold you.
Dive out. Dive out. Come out. Come out! One last chance.
Itís your call, says the Lord, My call come forth.
Your call is your answer. Let your answer be My will for thee.

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Prophecy January 2010 - An Apocalyptic Era Begins
(Apocalypse Means Revealed)

2010, an apocalyptic year, begins with the unleashing of terrors, fears, wrong motives, irrevocable decisions, and actions on the part of governments, as well as individuals. Apocalyptic revolutions are well underway, revealing evil plans in the hearts of men globally and individually. Biblical revelations begin to find their fulfillment, for the trumpet has sounded the alarm, and all who bear the trumpet message of God shall find their safety in their ability and their adaptability to the plan of God in His dealing with nations, as well as individual situations and events.

2010 is a year of revealing of secrets. The secrets of menís hearts shall be revealed on an unprecedented level. Secrets long held by governments shall be revealed and will shock the majority of the world. Secret plans will be revealed to nations, as a movement will go down in memory. Things long forgotten shall surface and be brought to light. Revelation and its fulfillment will go down memory lane. All the nations will be deceived by a spirit with the ability to anoint certain ones to carry out its plan. Yes, says the Lord, there is an unholy anointing to deceive, but all who are truly and fully anointed by the Spirit of truth, the Holy Spirit, shall see clearly. The majority, however, will believe and follow the deceptions that shall arise from a major event initiated by the king of terror. The king of terror has released his legions so Antichrist may begin to make his moves from behind the scenes.

At every turn, there will be a threat, a worry, a concern. Death in one form or another is his goal. Death to a ministry. Death to a glorious connection. Or death to an exploit in God. Be aware, My people; so cunning and fearful are his ways. Yet I, the Lord, say to you, My people, be strong in Me and in the power of My might. The courage in Me, the courageous in Me, will save the day and preserve My way. Be aware. It only appears that Satan has the kingdom of God in checkmate. Know it is thy God who has all aspects of the enemyís plan in check. Donít let your soul feel the enemyís plans are too far advanced for turnaround. Though you cannot see nor understand how I will do this, only know I have already shown My victory from the beginning. I am Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End; for the victory has been known from the beginning. Even the enemy has known his ultimate defeat.

2010 will go on record for the number of cowardly views expressed by governments and individuals to the detriment of serious and pertinent situations. Mistakes will abound. But those who know their God shall begin to do exploits long awaited by the righteous. Heroic faith is the imprint of their spirit, and Jesus their Lord is foremost on their minds. 2009 was a history-making year. Change was promised, and change - not for the good - has occurred. 2010 is another election year. Sinking feelings abound, and the election shall reveal many hidden things. Secrets shall no longer belong to their keepers. But to My glorious Church that has sought Me with all of their heart and has sought to be in Me without spot or wrinkle, I say, if you desire the ultimate promise of this day, given to those who are found worthy to escape all those things that are coming upon the earth, then seek to be as Daniel the prophet was in Me.

Make all your necessary life course corrections, choosing to go and only look forward in Me. Seek no longer to strengthen ties with those who broke from the truth, nor seek to strengthen ties with those taken captive by the offenses they have held in their hearts. The judgment days are at hand. Despise not the chastening of the Lord. He has begun to purify the bride. Only rejoice, you chosen in Me. Know I have specifically chosen you for this hour, for this day. All My glory shall begin to be revealed and poured upon you, My Church, the triumphant ones, those vested in My blood. All the victories are for those fully washed in the blood of Jesus, with their souls prepared for the battles that lie ahead and their spirits already clad in My victory. Their armor is to be in all Jesusí righteousness.

My beloved ones, be steadfast and immoveable, always abounding in the works of the Lord. Fear not the separations. I bring about all these things that are for your good. I love you as I love My Son, for you are one with Him and Me. Your year will be outstanding through the faith you have in Me. It will thrill the heart of the adventurer, and calm shall embrace those who believe in the peace that I give. Wonders, signs, exploits have begun, says the Lord. Amen.

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2009, A Titanic Year

New Year's Conference Prophecy January 2009

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